In the “Culture Talk” you can address any topic that is currently on your mind in the professional environment. For example :

  • How can I develop the potential of my employees?
  • How can I lead in a complex and unstable situation?
  • How do I lead in a crisis?
  • How can I build and strengthen trust through digital channels?
    • How do we talk to each other?
    • How do we behave with each other?
  • How can I reorient myself professionally?
  • I’m at an important turning point in my career and would like to exchange ideas with a sparring partner?
  • I have a new role as a “servant leader” and would like to prepare for it?
  • How can I address and resolve conflicts between me and my colleagues?

The process:

  • Every coaching is individual and different, that’s why there is nothing standard with me.
  • My strength is empathy: I can understand my interlocutor well.
  • I accept you as a unique personality.
  • You can talk about your fears and hopes as well as your professional relationships.
  • My attitude is free of prejudice or evaluation.
  • Thanks to my external viewpoint and my experience as a systemic coach, I bring you new, practice-oriented ideas.

Are you curious to know how you could set up a culture talk for you?

Contact me to discuss it without any obligation on your part. I look forward to hearing from you.