Develop as a leader, your approach and skills in safe sparring. Your strategy and tactics will be further developed and strengthened. In ongoing projects and undertakings, we practice your positions. So that your work rhythm remains the same, the sparring work is incorporated in such a way that a high process speed is guaranteed. An advantage that will certainly benefit you as a manager.

Topics you could bring in:

  • How do my colleagues take responsibility?
  • How can I lead in a complex and unstable situation?
  • How do I lead in a crisis?
  • How can I build and strengthen trust through digital channels?
    • How can we talk to each other?
    • How do we relate to each other?
  • How can I reorient myself professionally?
  • I am at an important turning point in my career and would like to exchange ideas with a sparring partner?
  • I have a new role as a “servant leader” and would like to prepare myself for it?
  • How can I address and resolve conflicts between myself and my colleagues?
  • How can I develop the potential of my employees?

The Process:

  • Every Sparring Partner work is individual and different, so there is no standard with me.
  • My strength is empathy: I can understand my interlocutor well.
  • I accept you as a unique personality.
  • You can talk about your fears and hopes as well as about your professional relationships.
  • My attitude is free of prejudice or judgment.
  • With my outside perspective and experience as a systemic coach, facilitator and agile coach, I give you new, practice-oriented input.

Are you curious how to set up a Sparring Partnership for yourself?

Contact me to discuss it without any obligation on your part. I look forward to hearing from you.

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