Chemistry Call

In the chemistry call clarify the initial situation and your concerns.


The chemistry call is free of charge. (30 minutes)


For compagnies

Conditions and Tariffs

Call duration


Session duration depending on the topic: 60- 90min. / For the first conversation allow approx. 60-75min. (billing is based on effective session duration)
Standard-Coaching & Mentoring 250.- CHF (60 minutes)
Leadership Coaching: Managing Directors / Partners / Owners and CEOs 400.- CHF (60 minutes)
People with low financial possibilities (pupils, students, etc.) we will find a solution. On request


Online Strengths Coaching Package; “Discover Your Strengths as a Leader”.

2 CliftonStrengths Profiles & 1 h coaching



350.- (1 hour)

Teams: Teamcoaching / etc  From 300.- CHF (60 minutes) depending on group size / topics
Strengths workshop for teams includes:

1 CliftonStrengths profile per person

1 CliftonStrengths profile for managers

1 individual debriefing per person

1 workshop with team strengths matrix




On request

Workshop / training / séminaire Starting from 2000.- CHF preparatory meetings and preparation time are charged separately
Presentations / lectures (60 minutes) Starting from 800.- CHF preparatory meetings and preparation time are charged separately

For private customers

Coaching & Mentoring 150.- CHF (60 minutes)
Olfactive Coaching 140.- CHF (75 minutes)
Strengths Coaching Package includes:

1 CliftonStrengths profile

1 hour professional debriefing & coaching

220.- CHF (60 minutes)

General terms and conditions: AGB Mandalidis Coaching GmbH 2023

I respect International Coaching Federation (ICF) code of ethics.

The fees are based on the recommendations of the professional association for coaching, supervision and organizational consulting BSO.

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