Here are some of my references: individual coaching clients, client testimonials as well as workshop and seminar participants. I would be happy to establish a personal contact for you upon request.

Individual coaching clients

“First of all, I would like to thank Hélène for her discretion and her ability to adapt to the situations she faces. Indeed, it is easier to speak freely when there is mutual trust between the two partners.

During the coaching sessions, we discussed different situations in which Hélène provided me with ideas and/or tools to put in place a “plan of attack”.

Coaching with Hélène allowed me to focus on myself, to ask myself important questions about my personality, my future expectations and especially to clarify certain difficult situations.”

C.Z. Team Leader, Public Transport

“I would like to thank Hélène Mandalidis for her work and her guidance, which allowed me to discover new working and organizational methods.

Even if at the beginning it was difficult for me, the final result was very positive”.

PF.B. Planning team leader, public sector

Training, workshops and coaching contractor

“Based on our collaboration in the support, assessment and coaching of our employees, I can gladly recommend Hélène Mandalidis. What characterizes a good coach is not only the knowledge of theories and the mastery of psychological tools, but also human qualities, ideally stemming from a certain personal depth and maturity.

Hélène combines these two aspects and combines them with a real concern for personal development and support.

M.W. HR Advisor, Regional Railway Company

Training and workshop participants

“I was a bit afraid to do the workshop on team values online, for fear that everyone would talk at the same time, but it turned out very well. I am very happy with the result and that the chemistry is taking place within the team”.

D.J. Purchasing Logistics

“I found that there was a relaxed working atmosphere and good harmony between the members of the management team.  I think it is important to spend time on the ‘why’, the reason for our company. We had the opportunity to do this.

I am very satisfied with the team dynamics during the 2-day workshop. The right topics were covered, such as communication between the members of the management team, the “talents & strengths” profiles, and the urgency of change.

I am totally satisfied with these two days: it is more concrete. I see the change. I like it.

Hélène brought us a different approach that allowed us to communicate with each other without fear or barriers”.

S.G. Director, chemical sector

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