I help you to become a true leader in a self-organization.

Today, the challenge is the paradigm shift from product orientation to service orientation and from cost optimization to value optimization. This can be achieved through agile organization and leadership!

The principles of an agile self-organization:

  • Transparent communication
  • Intensive cooperation within the company and with customers
  • A high degree of self-responsibility on the part of the employees
  • Technical and specialized knowledge is important for the performance of a task
  • Some management tasks are divided among the employees

Self-organized companies also need leaders. They develop the employees and define the framework conditions so that each employee can do his or her job in the best possible way, which means the leader becomes a servant leader.

Leaders in agile organizations/self-organizations are given new perspectives and tasks:

  • Accompany employees in their development of self-responsibility.
  • Promote agile forms of cooperation and learning.
  • Understand the benefits and risks of an agile team.
  • Understand and implement the management skills required for an agile attitude.
  • Focus on improving the framework conditions.
  • Devolution, which simplifies processes and makes the organization leaner.
  • More time for strategic work, innovation and development.
  • Supporting agile transformation and promoting cultural development.
  • Pursue personal development, valuing one’s own assets.
  • Promote career through the experience of self-organization.

The prerequisite for this is a willingness to change one’s attitude and engage with people.

Are you curious about how you can lead an agile team? On request, we offer coaching sessions to support you in this change.

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