The prerequisite for self-organization is the willingness to change; the willingness to change one’s attitude. As a facilitator, I enable you and your employees to realize self-organization in your agile company.

The transformation through digitalization is rapidly changing the technical field. This has a strong impact on the people in the companies. Today’s VUCA world offers great challenges: Constant unpredictable and rapid changes; foresighted planning becomes almost impossible; complex problems and their effects are more difficult to understand; contradictory and paradoxical demands are placed on leadership and organizations.

Agility is therefore vital for the future of a company.

As a facilitator, I stand by you throughout the entire process of agile self-organization.

In order for an organization to be agile, the following points must be fulfilled:

  • Every employee assumes responsibility for his or her actions and working methods.
  • Each employee assumes responsibility for the cooperation in his or her team.
  • Each employee assumes responsibility for achieving the overall goal and not only for his or her own partial goal or contribution.
  • Openness and transparency are valued, encouraged and demanded.
  • Experimentation is encouraged, failure is welcomed. The goal is to fail better next time.
  • The team works continuously to improve cooperation, project management and their own skills.
  • Every employee communicates openly about problems and obstacles.

Agility and self-organization is a basic attitude that places different demands on leadership and executives. A paradigm shift is taking place. This requires managers and companies to change in order to achieve good results.

The agile companies with self-organization are well prepared for the future. The focus is on people and their needs: Customers, stakeholders, employees. Employees are fully motivated and thus work more profitably.

  • A positive working atmosphere encourages people to enjoy their work.
  • Employees’ knowledge and talents are central.
  • Thanks to more freedom, creative solutions are created that are fully supported by employees.
  • The relationship to the big picture is established: Every employee thinks for the company as a whole.
  • New customer wishes, significant improvements or possible innovations are identified at an early stage. This enables us to react quickly.
  • The customer is integrated directly into the process. Ideas and suggestions can thus be implemented in a customer-oriented manner.
  • Flat hierarchies enable quick reactions.
  • Complex workflows and dependencies as well as information flows are transparent.

Leadership in agile self-organizations

Self-organization means, among other things, transparent communication; intensive cooperation within the company as well as with customers; high self-responsibility of the employees; the technical and specialist knowledge counts for the assumption of a task. As a result, some management tasks are distributed among employees.

Self-organized companies also need leaders. They define the framework conditions so that every employee can do his or her job in the best possible way. Leaders therefore concentrate on working at the system (culture, structure and strategy).

Leaders in agile self-organizations are given new perspectives and tasks:

  • Concentration on improving the framework conditions
  • Responsibility is delegated, which simplifies processes and leads to a lean organization.
  • More time for strategy work, innovations, further development, networking.
  • Joint organizational development in partnership relationships.
  • Further personal development, promoting one’s own strengths.
  • Promoting careers through experience with self-organization.

The prerequisite for this is the willingness to change; the willingness to change one’s attitude. As a facilitator, I support you in change and enable you to achieve true leadership in an agile self-organization.

Are you curious about how to implement and develop self-organization and agility in your organization?

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