I analyze your profile to enable you to optimize your leadership role.


  • 1 access to the CliftonStrengths assessment, two assessments; your 34 talents and your top 10 managerial talents.

    • What motivates you? How do you build relationships?
    • How do you think?
    • How do you execute?
    • How do you influence?
  • Perception and appreciation
    • Your gifts and fears
  • Application
      • How can you turn your talents into assets?
      • How does a talent contribute to your success?
      • How a talent can affect your success.
  • Leadership
    • How can you leverage the talents of your team members?
    • How do I lead a team with their talents and mine?
    • What performance development opportunities are available to your team?
  • Debriefing and coaching that helps you apply your strengths in your personal and professional life. Online or in person. A Gallup certified coach  

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 350.- CHF

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Other coaching sessions, in person or online, are available by appointment.

Gallup®, CliftonStrengths®, et chacun des 34 noms des talents CliftonStrengths sont des « trademarks de Gallup, Inc. »

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