Focused on strength and sense orientation as well as new innovative organizational forms, I accompany you holistically as a systemic coach and facilitator on the path of your individual and organizational transformation. Because every transformation is unique.

Agile companies demand a paradigm shift and a rethink in leadership.

For this purpose, a culture, the development of structures and processes must be created in which the full potential can be unfolded at all levels - people, teams and organizations. This creates sustainable added value for customers, shareholders and society.

Agile companies are characterized by a clear focus on people: customers, stakeholders and employees. Among other things, this means more personal responsibility for each individual employee.
All employees are deployed according to their strengths and can thus fully develop and contribute their potential. This promotes a positive working atmosphere:

  • Employees are motivated, the quality of their work increases and so does productivity.
  • Lucrative business opportunities, possible market risks or significant improvement measures are taken early on.
  • Management is relieved and can concentrate on working on the system.
  • Work-relevant information is disclosed, which promotes exchange and partnership.

My support as facilitator:

The focus is on the individual person and the fulfilment of his or her needs through appreciative cooperation.

I take up the current situation with an assessment of the situation: I analyse your company as well as each individual employee. We then work together to develop the necessary assistance so that each employee achieves agile self-organization.

Good, constructive communication is very important in an agile organization. We work regularly to improve this communication.

Where people work together, conflicts arise. I record these and offer concrete assistance in finding solutions. Your employees will be enabled to deal constructively with conflicts.

I work with managers on leadership topics, their understanding of leadership and on the changed demands and tasks in agile companies.

So that everyone knows what to expect, I provide basic knowledge about agile companies.

Support in becoming an agile company

As a facilitator, I am at your side throughout the entire process. With my support, you and your employees will find your way into agility. It is particularly important to me that each step only takes place when you are ready.

If interpersonal problems arise, I immediately recognize them as outsider and offer help in finding solutions together. I always keep your progress as well as your goals in mind. I enable you and your employees to realize agility in your organization.