In my team coaching you and your team will get to know the positive effects of strength-oriented team leadership. I will show you how you can implement these in your team.

Each team member recognizes his or her personal strengths. Together we will then develop the team’s strengths:

  • What we do best as a team?
  • What holds us together?
  • Which strengths complement each other ideally in order to work efficiently?

I will show you how you can consciously use and combine your various strengths in order to work more efficiently as a team and thus become more successful.

On-line Team-Workshop Strength Coaching

You get:

1 day team workshop and coaching online or on-site with the following content:

  • CliftonStrengths strengths profile for max. 8 people
  • Introduction to strengths-based development
  • Debriefing of the individual strengths profiles in the team
  • Weakness management with strengths
  • Team profile
    • Communication and conflict management
    • Building on strengths and integrating areas of shadow
  • Develop concrete action plans

Register your team for the Strengths Coaching Team-Workshop

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