Based on the use of essential oil scents, olfactory coaching is a new coaching method. An original and playful process for powerful results.


The olfactory coaching enables a deep and lasting transformation. Whether you wish to implement new solutions in your private, professional or social environment, this method allows you to access these changes by revealing your potential.

The olfactory coaching helps you cultivate your presence in the here and now, develop your emotional intelligence, improve your vision and increase your intuitive perceptions. With it, deploy your creativity, go to the essential and deepest part of yourself.

The coaching  lasts between 1hour 15 minutes. We base ourselves on an intention or a current difficulty, which we will explore thanks to the support of scents to :

  • Define an objective or a request
  • Reveal more or less conscious motivations
  • Identify certain obstacles
  • Bring out the deepest wishes and aspirations
  • Evaluate the coherence of a project at different levels (idea, realization, etc.)

1 session (1hour 15 minutes): 140.- CHF

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