What does a coach do

As a coach I accompany you on your way to your professional and personal goals. I provide a process, a systematically designed environment and certain methods so that you, as a client, can work out solutions for your questions independently using your competencies.

I listen, ask systemic questions, structure and summarize. I am there to be a mirror for you and I am authentic.

Absolute confidentiality is the basis of my coaching work.

The methods

As a systemic coach, listening carefully is my most important working tool, as well as respecting and valuing my client. I withhold my own opinion. With targeted systemic, open questioning techniques I open up alternative thinking and solution processes.

In addition, I work with symbolization concepts (example: animal figures, images from the Zurich Resource Model) and concepts of perspective change (example: figure constellations (Business Constellations), Meta-Mirror). For reorientations I like to use the Values Square by Friedemann Schulz von Thun, 4-Step Model (cf. Radatz (2000)) and Disney Model by Robert Dilts.

Strengths Coaching

Since I am a certified strengths coach, clients usually take the CliftonStrenghts® assessment as part of the coaching process.
The CliftonStrengths® is a web-based talent assessment tool from a strengths psychology perspective. It helps you identify which distinct talents you have.
In my capacity as a strengths coach, I will help you to identify your talents more clearly, to value them and to develop strategies for turning them into real strengths in order to use them for your personal success.

Coaching – Process

1. preliminary conversation

In a telephone conversation we clarify the initial situation and your concerns.

2. preparation order

After we have made an appointment, you will receive the focus assignment to prepare for the coaching. During this process you will think about your concerns and your expectations for the coaching.

For the subsequent coaching appointments, you will be provided with a series of questions to help you prepare. One of the purposes of these questions is to record any insights you have gained – because most insights do not necessarily emerge in the coaching appointment, but in the processing and reflection between appointments.

3. contracting

We conclude a coaching contract.

The contract includes topics such as confidentiality, rights and obligations, ethical standards to be observed, and fees.

4. description of the situation

During the description of the situation I like to use scaling questions and systemic questions so that the client can get clarity about the situation.

5. goal formulation

In this phase we define the goal of today’s session (goal setting). You will be empowered to achieve your goals on your own. I work with scaling, wonder and systemic questions. In addition, I use the ZRM picture card tool.

6. solution focusing

You move away from the problem and focus on finding a solution. We discuss which criteria must be included in the solution for you. The added value of coaching is quickly noticeable for you through this solution orientation. Your personal development is positively supported.

Here we work out concrete possibilities for action. We analyze and evaluate possible effects and consequences.

7. formation of concrete measures

We define an action plan (who, what by when) from the elaborated solutions. We determine the responsibility of controlling the results.

8. conclusion

You give feedback on the session, we evaluate it together. I ask questions like: What insights did you gain and what steps were helpful for you?

Coaching location

The coaching sessions take place online via Zoom or on-site at your company or at my place in Cordast.

I am also happy to accompany you in nature.

Coaching – Duration of the conversation

The conversation lasts between 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours.

Half-day appointments are possible.


Picture source: ZRM® Bildkartei Maja Storch und Frank Kraus

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