I would like to contribute to the fact that “being human” in today’s complex working world is brought more to center of attention : The decisive factor for sustainable, long-term success.

I’m an expert in human relations. As a systemic coach and facilitator, I’m supporting leaders on their way to individual and organizational transformation, focusing on strengths and purpose as well as new and innovative organizational structures. Every transformation is unique.
I love to initiate and control necessary changes. I bring with me a large relationship-building component and I’m equally result-oriented.
Through my natural presence and my enthusiasm I infect people. I love working with emotions and give space to my fears. Through my intuition, I grasp the needs of the individual and thus create an increase in value with my heart and mind

With the help of my support, organizations understand that the greatest opportunity and the greatest potential lies in their employees. By making their work meaningful and forward-looking, employees remain motivated, loyal and faithful. This has a lasting positive effect on the success of the company.

Helene Mandalidis Curriculum

Leadership Coach & Mentor, Gallup Strengths Coach, Facilitator in personal and organizational transformation in German, French, English and Italian.


My personal Top 5 CliftonStrengths :

  • Empathy
  • Connectedness
  • Arranger
  • Positivity
  • Learner

My Why – Purpose

I set people in motion by accompanying them holistically. On the basis of their potential, so that they discover, develop and use their perspectives.

My coaching philosophy

  • I perceive you as a whole person.
  • We respect and value ourselves and our different views of life.
  • Absolute discretion is the basis of my coaching work.
  • Coaching is based on an equal partnership.

My values

  • Justice – It is important to me that my actions are just.
  • Self-responsibility – Every person is responsible for his own actions.
  • Freedom – Since I am a free spirit, I also accept unusual ideas from the other person.
  • Human dignity – I accept my counterpart they are.
  • Solidarity – It is important for me to support people.

My humanistic approach

My view of man is based on the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers and the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®) of Dr. Maja Storch & Dr. Frank Krause. I am convinced that every human being is a unique individual and that the personality develops with the goal to realize oneself. Everyone has the potential and the resources to take responsibility for their own personal development. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to question existing thought patterns and adapt them if necessary.

My Certifications and Trainings

Are you curious about how you bring the human to the center of your organization?

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