The long-term success of any business depends on “soft” factors such as trust, transparency, and engagement.

When employees are able to apply their personal talents and strengths, this can lead to greater motivation, increased engagement, and lower turnover.

As a strengths coach, I believe that every individual has unique talents and strengths that can be leveraged. My goal is to help you discover your personal strengths and put them into practice to achieve your goals.

By working with me, we can develop a customized coaching strategy to help you make the most of your talents and reach your full potential. This will lead to greater personal satisfaction and greater success for your business or career.

Download the study here:  2020-employee-engagement-meta-analysis

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CliftonStrengths Assessment as a basis for strength coaching

Dr. Don Clifton developed a behavioral economic model. This supports leaders and companies in understanding and controlling the human factor in a company. The assessment was developed on the basis of 80 years of research and has a global reach.

This tool enables leaders to measure and manage the soft factors in their team. This contributes sustainably and measurably to the organic growth of a company: Increasing growth and thus increasing profit.

The basic idea
There are talents slumbering in every human being that can be developed into strengths. Leaders who lead in a strength-oriented manner deploy each employee where his or her strengths lie. This enhances the team’s performance.

Are you curious about how to implement and develop a talent & strengths culture in your organization?

Contact me for a non-binding conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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