I help HR managers and leaders position themselves as value-added service providers within their organizations.

And all this with empirically proven tools.


👉 Improved fluctuation rate.
👉 Improved employee engagement – motivation
👉 Improvement of the recruitment process
👉 Creation and optimization of the employee experience
👉 Creation and improvement of employee development paths
👉 Improvement of team and leader self-responsibility
👉 with an agile organization -> improvement of the self-responsibility of agile teams, scrum master and product owner
👉 Anchoring modern leadership principles
👉 Self-selection in team restructurings
👉 Increased employee satisfaction
👉 Improved team performance

Are you curious about how you can position yourself as a value-added service provider in your organization? On request, coaching sessions to accompany you in this change.

Price: 300 CHF / hour

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