Teams and companies that work strength-oriented benefit from highly motivated and committed employees.

Only with the so-called soft factors can a company successfully survive in today's competitive environment in the long term: Managers build a culture of trust and transparency.

Motivated employees are fully committed to the company and are positive brand ambassadors. Customers identify with the brand and recommend it to others.

Employees who are able to live out their personal talents and strengths feel that they are taken seriously and therefore are strongly connected to the company. This promotes the long-term success of the company:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduce employee fluctuation
  • Increasing employee commitment

According to a global engagement index study by Gallup, 2016

Strength Coaching for Leaders

As a Gallup certified strengths coach, I support you in recognising, appreciating and developing your strengths.

In my strength coaching you will get clarity about your personal strengths. I will show you how you can use them successfully in your everyday life: in your professional and private environment.

Only if you understand yourself and your talents and strengths can you lead your team in a positive, motivating way. I will help you with your self-reflection, which is crucial for leaders:

  • Why do you do certain tasks more efficiently than others?
  • Why do you work better with certain people than with others?
  • How can you best use these insights for yourself and your team?

I support you in leading your team in a strength-oriented way. This basic attitude radiates through your team to the whole company, a strength-oriented corporate culture develops. This is a positive, very efficient way to entrepreneurial success.

The basic offer "Strength Coaching for Leaders" includes the following services

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • self-analysis
  • 2 hours strength development coaching in person or via Skype

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Further coaching sessions, in person or via Skype, are possible at any time by appointment.

Strength coaching for successful teams

As a certified Gallup strength coach, I support you in leading your team to success.

In my team coaching you and your team will get to know the positive effects of strength-oriented team leadership. I will show you how you can implement these in your team.

Each team member recognizes his or her personal strengths. Together we will then develop the team's strengths:

  • What do we do best as a team?
  • What holds us together?
  • Which strengths complement each other ideally in order to work efficiently?

I will show you how you can consciously use and combine your various strengths in order to work more efficiently as a team and thus become more successful.

Team-Workshop Strength Coaching

  • one CliftonStrengths profile per person for max. 8 participants
  • 1 day team workshop and coaching

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Further personal or team coaching is possible at any time by appointment.

CliftonStrengths Assessment as a basis for strength coaching

Dr. Don Clifton developed a behavioral economic model. This supports leaders and companies in understanding and controlling the human factor in a company. The assessment was developed on the basis of 80 years of research and has a global reach.

This tool enables leaders to measure and manage the soft factors in their team. This contributes sustainably and measurably to the organic growth of a company: Increasing growth and thus increasing profit.

The basic idea
There are talents slumbering in every human being that can be developed into strengths. Leaders who lead in a strength-oriented manner deploy each employee where his or her strengths lie. This enhances the team's performance.