As a Gallup certified strengths coach, I support you in recognising, appreciating and developing your strengths.

In my strength coaching you will get clarity about your personal strengths. I will show you how you can use them successfully in your everyday life: in your professional and private environment.

Only if you understand yourself and your talents and strengths can you lead your team in a positive, motivating way. I will help you with your self-reflection, which is crucial for leaders:

  • Why do you do certain tasks more efficiently than others?
  • Why do you work better with certain people than with others?
  • How can you best use these insights for yourself and your team?

I support you in leading your team in a strength-oriented way. This basic attitude radiates through your team to the whole company, a strength-oriented corporate culture develops. This is a positive, very efficient way to entrepreneurial success.

The basic offer "Strengths Coaching for Leaders" includes the following:

  • The CliftonStrengths® Evaluation
    • What are your areas of talent?
  • Perception and appreciation
    • When do these talents manifest themselves?
    • How have these talents contributed to success in the past?
  • Application
    • How to turn these talents into strengths?
  • Leadership
    • How to foster the development of your team members' talents?
    • How do I lead a team with my talents and theirs?
  • 2 hours of online or face-to-face coaching

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Further coaching sessions, in person or on-line, are possible at any time by appointment.

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