Your strengths are the key to your well-being and personal development.

Online Coaching Package ; “Discover Your Strengths as a leader” you get:           

  • 2 accesses to the CliftonStrengths Assessment ; the 34 Talent Report  and your Manager profile         

  • 30 minutes debriefing and 1:30 hour of professional coaching that supports you in implementing your strengths in your personal and business life.

  • Competent Gallup certified coach       

  • Complet Leadership package: your investment CHF 350

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The Coaching; Leadership package “Discover your strengths” includes the following services:

The coaching package; “Discover Your Strengths as a Leader” includes the following services:

  • Two CliftonStrengths® evaluations – your 34 talents and your top 10 manager talents.
    • What drives you? How do you build relationships?
    • How do you think?
    • How do you execute?
    • How do you influence?
  • Perception and appreciation
    • Your gifts and fears
  • Application
    • How can you turn these talents into strengths?
    • How does this talent contribute to your success?
    • How this talent might interfere with your success.
  • Leadership
    • How to nurture the talents of your team members?
    • How do I lead a team with my talents and its talents?
    • What performance development opportunities are available for your team?
  • 2 hours of online or face-to-face coaching with a Gallup certified strengths coach.

Register for your personal strengths coaching now

Further coaching sessions, in person or online, are possible at any time by appointment.

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