Today’s challenge is the paradigm shifts from product to service orientation and from cost optimization to VALUE optimization through an agile organization and agile leadership!

  • Your role as a leader is changing into a servant leader
  • You are very challenged and have to endure a complex environment.
  • Internal power struggles burden you.
  • You cannot share your true feelings because you are expected to adopt a certain attitude. This places a heavy burden on you.
  • You have hopes and fears that you cannot share with anyone.
  • If you address these issues among friends, you will be judged or not understood.
  • As a leader you stand alone.
  • You have no external interlocutor to reflect: What works well, what does not work well.
  • You spend your time in a system that doesn’t work.

Are you curious to know how you could set up a service- and value-oriented organization?

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