Leadership means management in the sense of "new work": you orient your employees towards the purpose and future of work.

Leadership: holistic and motivating leadership

By focusing on the potential of your employees, you show your appreciation for each individual. In this way, you successfully lead your team and your company into the future.

Self-awareness as the basis of leadership

The basis of leadership is the self-knowledge of the leader. As a leader you know and understand your personal strengths, but also your weaknesses. You stand by your self and appreciate your personality. You concentrate on your strengths and develop them further.

Your employees build trust in you if you stand by your whole personality and also show yourself to be vulnerable. This is the basis for successful teamwork.

This is where I come in as a coach. I accompany you on your way to self-awareness and thus to becoming a creative leader.

Support of executives and leaders

I worked for several years in management positions in national and international companies. I am therefore personally familiar with the demands as well as fears and wishes of managers at various hierarchical levels. What brought me forward at that time was the support in the sense of leadership and new work.

  • As a manager, you stand alone.
  • You are very challenged and have to endure a complex environment.
  • Internal power struggles burden you.
  • You cannot share your true feelings because you are expected to adopt a certain attitude. This places a heavy burden on you.
  • You have hopes and fears that you cannot share with anyone.
  • If you address these issues among friends, you will be condemned or not understood.
  • You have no outside interlocutor to reflect: What works well, what does not work well.
  • You spend your time in a system that doesn't work.

Cultural discussion - undisturbed, value-free discussion for managers and leaders

In the "cultural discussion" I am at your disposal as an empathetic conversation partner. For 90 minutes you can address any topic that is currently of interest to you, be it professional or private. These conversations are useful once or twice a month.

The "culture talk" helps you as a leader to recognize and solve tensions. In this way you regain your full motivation and ability to work.

  • My strength is empathy: I can empathize well with my counterpart.
  • I accept you as a unique personality, with your individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can talk about your fears and hopes as well as your relationships.
  • My attitude is free of prejudice or evaluation.
  • With my outside view and experience in coaching I give you new, practice-oriented inputs.

Make an appointment for a "culture talk" and receive support on your way to leadership and new work.

As an expert in interpersonal relationships, I set people in motion.