I accompany organizations and people holistically on their journey to creative leadership and thus into a successful future.

I would like to contribute to the fact that "being human" in today's complex working world is brought more to the fore again: The decisive factor for sustainable, long-term success.

On the one hand, this means focusing on the individual strengths of each employee. On the other hand, it means developing managers into creative leaders.

With the help of my support, organizations understand that the greatest opportunity and the greatest potential lies in their employees. By making their work meaningful and forward-looking, employees remain motivated, loyal and faithful. This has a lasting positive effect on the success of the company.

My strengths

  • Empathy: I can understand my counterpart well.
  • I perceive each person holistically and as unique.
  • I respect and value each person as an equal partner.
  • My attitude is free of prejudices and evaluation.
  • Many years of experience as a manager and project manager at various hierarchical levels in national and international companies.
  • Many years of experience as a coach, mentor and consultant.
  • Certifications, training and further education in the areas of leadership, team development, coaching, mentoring, strength-oriented corporate culture and agile working methods.
  • Several years of personal experience as a team member and facilitator in a self-organized team.

Strength-oriented leadership: Recognize, appreciate and develop strengths.

Leadership: Holistic, motivating and successful leadership.